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Training is achieved by using a positive, balanced, affectionate, direct, loving, repetitive, yet firm approach. We use a fair amount of treats, along with tons of affection. The goal of training is to ensure you have a better furry family member and to make sure they want to work with you and for you. The main tools used are a crate, training leads, and tons of patience. Other tools such as choke chains, pinch collars, bark collars, e-collars, gentle leaders, muzzles, etc. will only be used with the owner’s permission and only after certain techniques and less adverse tools have proven not to work on a particular dog.

We SPECIALIZE in training puppies under a year old and dogs with anxiety!

Training Programs

All Of Our Programs Consists Of…

Leash walking skills (leash work)

Hand signals

Body blocking/language


Proper grooming etiquette

Potty training (on leash, in the yard, on potty pads, or on an indoor grass system)

One-on-one work

Basic Obedience

Corrective behavior work (Behavior Modification)

Work with kids & families


Video updates

and 4 follow-up visits (virtual sessions & Zoom calls available)

****All dogs must be vaccinated/owners must show proof of vaccines****
Your 2nd dog is $200 off
Puppy training starts at 8 weeks old for In-home Training & 12 weeks for Train & Board.
A complimentary bath and tidy is included in our 2 week bootcamp as well as in our 4 week basic skills training program.

****All packages have a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve booking****

2-Week Puppy Bootcamp $1,500

This bootcamp is specially designated for puppies 6 months and under!


2-Week Train & Board $2,400

This program is for the confident, outgoing, well socialized, brave, focused, attentive, and fast learning dogs that are 6 months and up. Its our fun, advanced, and accelerated course. This train and board is designed to have your dog moving quickly, with precision, and poise. If your dog is an extrovert and they don’t mind joining the party, then this package is for them!

4-Week Basic Skills Training Program $3,400

This program is for the shy beginners, young beginners, beginners with anxiety, beginners who need to be potty trained, and all those who need just a few more hugs and kisses to get their personalities to POP. In this program we will take our time tending to your dog’s emotions as well as to how they learn. It’s important for us to cultivate your dog’s own internal light so they can not only shine bright but shine the best way they can. We will use repetition, patience, nurturing techniques, gentle guidance, and moderate vocal tons to achieve a very desired behavioral outcome. In this program, we will grow your dog’s confidence, expand their attention span, create focus and drive, desensitize them from having a fearful mindset, expose them to numerous fun adventures, and so much more. If your pup doesn’t come ready for the party, after being in our program they will not only jump into the festivities but they will definitely be ready to plan the next one!

Pet Grooming Etiquettes ($2,000)

Is your dog cage-shy? Has your groomer complained about your dogs behavior during grooming? Do you have a difficult time doing any type of grooming on your dog at home? Would you like for your dog to learn how to behave while being groomed? This package is for you! As a grooming instructor, show handler, and trainer I utilize my skills to teach a more calm and assertive style of pet grooming. Nail trims, brushing (hair or teeth), ear cleaning, blow drying, combing and everything else that comes with professional grooming or home base grooming is taught in this package. Grooming and basic obedience goes hand and hand. The skills needed to achieve good and confident behavior are the same skills needed to achieve a beautiful look. Let me help you and your dog get dolled up for the soiree.

Single Sessions

1-Hour Consultation ($250)

2-Hour Individual Session ($400)

Packaged Sessions:
5 sessions ($1,000) 10 sessions ($2,200)

90 Minute Group Sessions ($650)

Group sessions are done with your dog along with our group of dogs, or with another training dog. Individual sessions are one dog at a time.

***You are always welcome to record the sessions.***

Other Services & Specialties

Monthly Subscription ($800)

Potty Training Only ($1,500)

Leash Walking Only ($500)

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